As a Natural Health Practitioner as well as a full-time Martial Arts Practitioner, Health for me has become a lifestyle.

On my own journey to find health and balance I’ve read widely, learnt a lot by experience (ouch) and have dealt with a heap of people with similar problems. As a result I’ve grown enormously in the process!

If you’re into learning new things, finding things out for yourself and would like to look after yourself in a healthy, no-nonsense way, then you’re in the right place! I believe in doing things naturally, finding reasons for things that have gone wrong or are out of balance and fixing them…the way Nature intended…to Be In Balance with Myself and My Environment.

So, let’s take responsibility for our own health and well-being!

I will hopefully cover here some of the stuff that our Grandmothers knew…that your Mother didn’t teach you, because we lost that link to Nature due to being “modernised”.

I hope you will find here the inspiration to live naturally and in balance, or the answers you’re looking for if you’re not! If I haven’t addressed your questions yet, you can ask them here or in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them, either directly or in a future post!

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An Integrated Approach to Health

"To truly comprehend the root cause of a problem, you need to understand a person’s history, lifestyle and emotional state" says Dr. Mark Atkinson ( a UK pioneer of integrated medicine.
"I always start by investigating the basics of diet, hydration, sleep and breathing. Without this foundation, you won’t have good health. Then you need to address mental health – you can treat a person for a physical condition, but if they have emotional problems and you don’t deal with them, you won’t get to the root of the physical problem." More

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