3 Cool Benefits of an Evening Scalp Massage

If you have a very tight scalp, too sensitive to touch, or grey hair, then this is just the thing for you to do!

Benefits of a Scalp MassageBefore I started brushing my scalp every evening, I could barely cope with going to the hairdresser, it was so sore. I had to have a perm every now and then, because I’ve got very mousy hair, but oh boy, was this a mission. Now I have no issues whatsoever anymore, and all because I follow this simple routine every evening.

You can use a wooden or other hairbrush with knobs on the ends and brush out the scalp, not just the hair, every evening. The secret is to brush all the tension out of the head, follow down the neck and out past the shoulders. This allows you to release the mental stress that built-up throughout the day and caused your scalp to tighten. Use circular movements on the neck and shoulders.

It’s an awesome release and the benefits? Well, they’re pretty cool!

A tight scalp causes the hair roots to die, so relaxing the scalp releases the tension on the roots of your hair, so less hair loss and yes, NO grey hairs, because now they can grow and regenerate properly.

If you work with your head all day, study, or are just a generally strong mental person, the odds are you’re drawing all that energy up into your head, neck and shoulders, causing them to tense up. Brushing out the scalp and down past your neck, releases this tension and allows it to flow out your shoulders. If you breathe out whilst doing it, even better!

So, because you’re relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles too, this will allow better blood circulation to your head and will therefore prevent headaches, or if you’ve got one, will help you to relax and take it away.

Three great reasons to start brushing out your scalp every evening. You’ll sleep better too!

Have you experienced the benefits of doing this? If you have or have questions, please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

If you think this might help a friend, please pass it on or share it on Social Media. Let’s spread the word and help each other to become stress free!

3 Cool Benefits of an Evening Scalp Massage was published originally on Basic Balance. More about Marlene McPherson and her work as a Natural Health Practitioner at Essence of Namo.

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