Why you shouldn’t suppress a Cold, and how to Cope Better

A common cold, with all the attendant sniffles, drips and wheezes, is your body’s way to help you to detox if you’ve been under stress and your immune system is a bit under the weather. So if you’re trying to suppress it, you’re only postponing the inevitable and possibly causing your body to overreact later when it simply can’t handle the toxin overload anymore.

You usually tend to get a cold whenever you relax after a period of stress, like on holiday, or when your body simply can’t cope anymore and your immune system is not a 100%.
Your mucous membranes are one of the mechanisms that your body uses to eliminate an excess of toxins. It does this by building up mucous in the mucous membranes to expel toxins and with a cold it does this with the sinuses in your head. If you find that you develop a post-nasal drip by not allowing the mucous out through the nose, it can run into the lungs where it can cause the buildup of phlegm in the bronchial tubes. This causes congestion and your body will try to eliminate it from the lungs by coughing. If it can’t be eliminated fast enough it can cause inflammation and you might eventually develop bronchitis or pneumonia.

To help eliminate the phlegm, thyme can be used as an expectorant, as a tea or in tincture form. Equal parts of honey and lemon mixed can also be used as a cough mixture with a little bit of brandy to soothe the throat. This mix with ginger added as a hot toddy (in hot water) at night will also help you to sweat it out.

If you develop a fever during your cold, this is simply a mechanism to induce sweating to enable you to also eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin, as well as raising the body’s temperature to kill any viruses and bacteria. It should not be suppressed but should be monitored closely so that your temperature does not rise to dangerous levels. This is important especially for children. Ensure you take in lots of water to help to flush out the toxins faster and to replace lost fluids.

To help cope with fever, the Biochemic Mineral Tissue Salt FerrumPhos (No. 4) every hour or two hours provides oxygen to the cells and in the blood. It also helps you cope with sneezing and infection of the mucous membranes.

It is important to get enough rest during the period of the cold so that your body can focus on the process of elimination.

If it is a light cold, you can cope by taking in lots of Vitamin C, either in the form of regular glasses of lemon juice in hot water with honey, or by taking a supplement of at least a 1000mg of Vit C every 2 hours for a day. This boosts the immune system and prevents secondary infections.

For a more serious cold, bed rest is important for at least one to two days to allow your body to spend its resources on getting well.
If your body or muscles are also sore, it is not a cold but influenza and other measures will become imperative to cope with the virus causing it.

If the throat is sore, chewing a nasturtium leaf, or drinking a nasturtium tea will help, as it’s a natural antibiotic. You can also gargle with salt water or colloidal silver. Sucking a spoon of honey also helps to soothe a tickle in the throat.
A tablespoon of Colloidal Silver, a wonderful natural antibiotic, taken every hour will also help to kill any germs or viruses. This can be done for at least the duration of the cold and preferably a couple of days afterwards for at least four times a day.
If your nose is running a lot and it becomes red and inflamed from blowing it, you can use an olive oil based cream or a bee balm to soothe it. This is a good thing, you’re eliminating stuff! This is what you want!
If your nose is blocked, a drop of eucalyptus oil on your pillow at night will help to open it, a tiny dab next to your nose will also help, or you can put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of boiling water and breathe in the steam under a towel over your head to clear the sinuses. Tiger balm or dragon balm does the same thing, just be careful using it on your face, use it sparingly as it stings and don’t touch anywhere sensitive or near the eyes afterwards with the finger you used to apply it!
To help your system to release toxins faster, you can use detox baths to utilise the skin to eliminate as well. Two handfuls of epsom salts or a small handful of sea salt or rock salt in a hot bath and lie for 20 minutes will do wonders to open the pores and relax all the muscles too! Be sure to sip water or herbal tea to replace lost fluids during or after the bath. Pat dry and lie down for a while afterwards.

So remember, a cold is a good thing! Not a NICE experience, but a good one! To prevent yourself from getting a cold in the first place, you should rather look after your body so that your system is in balance, then it will not need to release toxins through a cold! To do this ensure that you regularly take detox baths, regenerate and support your liver function and exercise, stretch or do body brushing to help the function of the lymphatic system that removes toxins from the tissues in the body.

Do you have any other old remedies to cope with a cold? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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