Disease Names are Labels – are you Falling for It?

After working on a client the other day that was diagnosed recently with fibromyalgia, I just realised again after listening to her describe her experience of it, that it is so easy to allow the name of a disease to dis-empower you because now you think that you are controlled by it, you ‘HAVE it’!


Anything that is wrong or out of balance in your life or body has a reason, something that caused it, and once you have determined the reason…it can be changed and brought back into balance again.This is so because we were structured this way. Your body has a built-in blueprint that it used to generate itself, and it uses it everyday to re-generate itself – you were grown from ONE CELL that had this blueprint! Every cell in your body has this holographic blueprint, so any part of you can regenerate itself!
All that is needed physically to utilise this amazing feature of your body is the right building blocks: good nutrients, clean water and air, as well as the correct alignment of your spine so that there are no blockages in the flow of the nerves that nourish each part of your body. This ensures that each and every part of your body and all the organs and limbs have everything that they need to stay healthy and in balance. (The correct spinal alignment also ensures that your connection with your spirit-being can be maintained.)
If for whatever reason a blockage to an organ or limb is created and its function is thus impaired, your body will tell you by signaling with pain or an uncomfortable feeling that there is something wrong. If you kill the pain and ignore the warning, the area or organ will continue to lose function and, depending on which part of the body it is, will influence the rest of the body as well, causing other imbalances. Over a long period of time, this causes dis-ease, and because it is not generally understood by the medical fraternity how the whole fits together, it is then labeled with a fancy name and “treated” with chemical drugs and procedures that usually destroys the body’s inherent harmony and balance even more.
You don’t need to fall for this imbalanced view that has become western society’s norm!
You can take responsibility for your own health and find the cause of any pain or imbalance. Educate yourself about how your body works. How you are a part of Nature. How you fit into cycles and patterns. Learn the Basics of Life…and DO them. Every day. All the time.

  • Find health practitioners who do things the natural holistic way and take steps to address the causes of any imbalances.
  • Ensure you take in the right nutrients and lessen your intake of toxic substances that places your system under pressure to eliminate them.
  • Exercise to keep the body moving, this ensures that all the joints stay flexible and the lymphatic system, that removes toxins from the tissues, is kept moving.
  • Learn to live in harmony with yourself by learning how to breathe deeply to alleviate stress and to calm the mind. This will relax your muscles as well.

Remove symptomatically inspired medical labels and the connotations that are associated with them from your vocabulary and experience.
Replace this with a holistic lifestyle of returning and staying in balance with your Nature.
Wellness and Health is a birthright.
It is up to you to practice living it … every day.

What labels have you fallen for? Do you need help to understand what the causes are of why you are feeling unwell?
You are welcome to ask questions or share how you have experienced overcoming a label in your life in the Comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!
And please feel free to share this with your friends! Take back your power and spread the word!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sam
    Jan 27, 2014 @ 23:15:07

    Hello I am 36 female, I had a back injury this time last year. It still does not feel completely healed at times. My health I feel is poor as it is ever been. I have been unable to get pregnant. I believe my system is toxic right now…I am having hay fever allergy symptoms, 2 small boil type things on my forhead and temple. I have been taking too many herbal tinctures lately as I make my own med. I am drinking a ton of water trying to flush. Just feeling really bad. I have been under a ton of stress and life changes, moving, etc. in the last year…I want to learn how to meditate and get my body healthy physically mentally balanced again…I am very active normally and have worked hard physically my whole life…Thanks So much S……..Low impact exercise suggestions, foods…Etc.



    • MarleMac
      Feb 05, 2014 @ 12:20:53

      Hi Sam, life is challenging but there’s always a reason and it looks like you’re thinking of doing the right things. Will respond to you in personal e-mail. Thank you for enquiring!



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