How the Overload of Toxins in your Body can make you Sick

If your body is overburdened with lots of toxins, both those generated by its normal processes and those entering your system via your food, air or other means, and you are not drinking enough clear water or exercising, your elimination organs will reach a point where they cannot handle the overload. Our bodies normally generate carbon dioxide, old dead cells, fiber, urea, etc. and the organs that process and eliminate these and other toxic substances include the Lungs, Air Passages and Mucous Membranes, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, Colon and Skin.

Sources of Toxins

Other toxins that can enter into our systems via food, water, absorption through the skin, or inhaled and injected can include the following:

  • food additives, colorants, flavorants, MSG, high concentrations of table salt, refined sugars
  • toxins from body products like creams, make-up, lipstick, deodorants, fragrances
  • medical drugs, creative drugs
  • through the air – residues from farm chemical spraying, concentrations of fine powders, dust, radon, asbestos, smoke pollution, exhaust pollution
  • in our water – fluoride, heavy metals, residues from farming practices and industry leaking into ground water
  • from an insect or snake bite

Inflammation of a tooth may cause toxins to leak into the blood and amalgam fillings can also leak heavy metals into the body.

These are just a few possible sources of excess toxins in our bodies. If our lungs, skin, and digestive systems are healthy, they will be able to get rid of these toxins through the normal channels. However, if we constantly place them under pressure and do not consistently take in the necessary building blocks to maintain a healthy system, then these toxins will start to heap up in our bodies.

How the Body handles Elimination of Toxins

The Mucous Membranes in our nasal passages filter the air entering – too many toxins, dust or other particles entering causes the generation of mucous to trap and eventually expel the excess through Sneezing or a Runny Nose (Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Common Cold).

Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Common Cold – Take FerrumPhos (Tissue Salt No. 4), Detox Baths

The Lungs expel carbon dioxide, but the air coming out of the mouth may also contain other toxins, making it smell foul (Halitosis).

Halitosis – Rub Tea Tree Oil down middle of Tongue, Rinse Mouth with Saltwater,
Brush Teeth with Bicarbonate of Soda, Swill Mouth with Colloidal Silver

The Lymphatic System filters toxins and waste products from our tissues and delivers it to the blood. Too many toxins to deal with will build up in the Lymph Nodes, causing swelling and possible infection of the Glands (Orange peel skin, Cellulite, Tonsillitis, Appendicitis). The Lymphatic System needs muscle action to provide its pumping action, so basic stretching is the minimum exercise needed to keep it going. If you don’t do any exercise, it stagnates and all those toxins stay right there!

Lymphatic System – Boost by Stretching, Exercise, Body Brushing, Detox Baths, Gotu Kola

The Liver filters toxins and waste products from the blood and neutralises them. If there are too many toxins for it to cope with, the body tries to eliminate them via other means, or depending on the type of product, stores them until they can be dealt with later. It is therefore vital that we help our Liver to detox and regenerate on a regular basis.

If you are regularly exposed to toxins by, for instance living in a city or polluted environment, you need to detox and regenerate your Liver at least every three months. Otherwise twice a year is a good minimum.

Liver – Regenerate and Detox with Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Schizandra, KaliSulph (Tissue Salt No. 7)

Great Resources for other natural Liver Detoxes

The Kidneys maintain the ionic balance in our bodies and therefore filter out any mineral ions that disturb that balance. They also eliminate excess hormones and drugs. If they cannot handle an excess, the build-up of toxins or ion imbalance can be fatal. Dark urine is an indication of too many toxins or too little water intake to maintain adequate filtration. We need at least one to two glasses of pure water daily for our kidneys and gut to filter out toxins, otherwise our ionic balance will be disturbed resulting in a myriad of possible problems, including Headaches, Migraines and Hormone Imbalances. Drinking too much water can, visa versa, also strip needed ions out and disturb your ionic balance.

Kidneys – Buchu
Ionic/Water Balance – NatMur (Tissue Salt No. 9), Rock Salt Sole, Rock Salt Detox Bath

The Colon eliminates the solid wastes accumulated from the processing of food. An imbalance of intestinal flora (probiotics) in the gut, or an acidic imbalance can cause the build-up of harmful bacteria, worms and parasites. Imbalances can result in Bloating, Flatulence, Candida, Leaky Gut, Hernia, Spastic Colon, IBS, Inflammation of the Gut Lining, Growths, and even Cancer. Toxins might even be reabsorbed into the body. To prevent imbalances from building up, it is imperative to maintain the alkaline balance in the body.

Alkaline Balance – Calcium, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar or, the best, NatPhos (Tissue Salt No. 10)
Restore Gut Lining, Rebuild Tissues, Hernia – L-Glutamine
Digestive System Balance – Billion counts of Probiflora
Remove Toxins – Detox Baths, Activated Charcoal
Natural Antibiotic, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal – Colloidal Silver
Remove Parasites, Worms – Olive Leaf, Wild Oregano Oil, Wild Wormwood

The Skin is the biggest elimination organ. The pores on the skin eliminate toxins through sweat. If you have a vast excess of toxins in your system due to the filter organs being overstressed (liver and kidneys), the body will also try to eliminate these through the skin in the form of Rashes, Pimples, Sores and Suppurations. An overtaxed Liver will try and flush toxins through sweating induced by Hot Flushes. With inflammation and illness caused by viruses, Fever is your body’s natural way of inducing elimination of toxic substances through sweating, so it should not be stopped, but managed so as not to reach too high temperatures. If you have Smelly Sweat or Feet, it means you have an excess of toxins in your body. If eating Garlic causes your breath or skin to smell, then you have an excess of toxins, as garlic is a detoxifier.

Eliminate Toxins through Skin – Detox Baths
Fever – FerrumPhos (Tissue Salt No. 4)
Hot Flushes – Milk Thistle
Smelly Sweat, Pimples – Silicea (Tissue Salt No. 12)
SoresWood Ash Poultices
Skin Disorders – Gotu Kola

If you exercise heavily or have sweated heavily, you need to replace both the water and salts that you have lost to restore the ionic balance of your body.

Other ways the body stores Toxins

Uric Acid (excess animal proteins combined with excess sodium chloride) is stored in Joints and Tissues, causing Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout. Aluminium (additive in table salt, deodorants) is deposited in Membranes causing Altzheimers, and in Mammary Glands, causing Breast Cancer. Cholesterol builds up in Bile Ducts and Arteries. Calcium builds up in Joints, Vertabrae and Arteries (Calcification) causing Joint Stiffness, Back & Neck Pain, Varicose Veins and Heart Attacks. Excess Calcium & Protein can also cause Kidney and Gall Stones.

How to Prevent the Build-up of Toxins

Eat an Organic Whole Food Diet rich in Fruits and Vegetables. Maintain Alkaline Balance. Ensure that your Digestive System is in prime condition, it is the base of your Immune System (that protects you from all harmful substances). Regularly Cleanse the Blood (Nettle), Detox the Lymphatic System (Massage, Body Brushing) and the Liver and Kidneys (Milk Thistle, Buchu)

  • Avoid Refined and Fried Foods.
  • Avoid Additives, Colorants, Flavorants and MSG.
  • If you eat Meat/Fish, avoid Meat/Fish from animals that are force-fed, given Antibiotics, Growth Hormones and cannot move around freely.
  • Only put Natural Products on your Skin.
  • Use Green, Natural Cleaning Products and avoid using Harmful Chemicals that can filter into our ground water.
  • Filter drinking and bathing water (you absorb through your skin).
  • Avoid taking Chemical Drugs, they disturb the natural balance in your body and place the Liver and Kidneys under stress.
  • Limit your intake of Alcohol.
  • Avoid Air Conditioned spaces.
  • Replace Lead Pipes and Asbestos Heaters.

There is so much more…Become aware, read lables and make educated, informed choices!

You only have one body. Looking after it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

                           Love yourself. Put only good stuff in, and get out a happy, healthy you!

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