An Integrated Approach to Health

"To truly comprehend the root cause of a problem, you need to understand a person’s history, lifestyle and emotional state" says Dr. Mark Atkinson ( a UK pioneer of integrated medicine.
"I always start by investigating the basics of diet, hydration, sleep and breathing. Without this foundation, you won’t have good health. Then you need to address mental health – you can treat a person for a physical condition, but if they have emotional problems and you don’t deal with them, you won’t get to the root of the physical problem."
"Women have always been more health-aware than men, but increasingly, they’ve realised that the difference between optimal wellbeing and just feeling OK lies in their own hands," he says. "More and more are experiencing the connection between their lifestyle and their health, vitality and clarity of thought."
From "Alternative Treatments that really do work", in Top Health & Beauty Magazine Vol 16 No 5 (Top Santé – UK)

Our wholistic approach with our treatments and advice to health shop clients is integrated in this way too. You have to deal with emotional, mental and lifestyle issues if you’re to address physical dysfunctions and imbalances. And then there’s the spiritual "big picture" to keep in mind too…there is ALWAYS a reason something has manifested at a particular time.
To get well physically if you’re in pain, have an illness or disease or an imbalance, you have to DO. You have to take responsibility for all your actions that led up to it…and you have to take your power back. To do that you have to take action.
Take note of the keywords here:
Not someone else, the doctor, the pharmacist, health shop owner, practitioner, your wife or the person that drove into you…
You are the only person that can fully be there for yourself. That can love you, that can make the changes you need!
You don’t need anyone or anything else. You don’t need to look anywhere outside to find the answers. You have everything you need. It’s built in and available at all times. You just need to tune back in…and be prepared to listen…and DO!
You might need a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board, or someone to remind you and steer you in the right direction, sure! But in the end, YOU have to do the DOING!
So take the first step!
Be Well! Be Healthy! Be Happy!

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  1. Barton Wergin
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 10:09:16

    Absolutely pent articles, Really enjoyed reading.



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