Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

Sole (“sou-lay”) is a saturated solution of Himalayan Rock Salt in pure living spring water. In its liquid crystalline form, sole is highly absorbable  by the body and contains all the minerals and trace elements present in our blood, all 84 of them! Taken a teaspoon in a glass of water every morning, it rebalances the homeostasis of the body as well as the pH, normalizes blood pressure and gets rid of toxic overloads in the cells and tissues, including heavy metals, difficult to break down animal proteins and calcium. It can also lower the craving for addictive desires. It obviously helps with skin diseases because it cleanses from the inside out. Sole supplies the body with the natural vibrational energy of its crystal structure which lasts for over 24 hours. Taken regularly, it improves digestion and metabolism by stimulating the whole stomach and intestines at the biochemical level. The overall availability of electrolytes is built up and the conductivity of the body is increased, which in turn stimulates the circulation and nervous systems.
It can also be used in a Detox Bath externally for soothing any skin disorders and drawing toxins out by dissolving 80ml in a warm bath and soaking for 20 minutes. Highly affected skin areas can be soaked in a stronger solution for half an hour every day until restored.

Along the same principles, if you have a wound that does not want to heal (as for diabetics) and has been raw or festering for more than a month, make a paste of pure wood ash (that contains all the minerals of the tree) with warm water, plaster this into and around the wound and wrap with plastic wrap (the type used for sealing meat and leftover food – “GladWrap”) to seal it in overnight or preferably for 24 hours. It will draw out toxins and allow the wound to heal. After washing it out, leave it open for a while to dry and repeat as often as necessary until wound starts to stay dry and starts to close. It works extremely well! (Contact us if you can’t find or make wood ash – we’ll make a plan!)

Wood ash used like this will also draw out insect toxin (spider bites!) and, if used fast enough, might help for snake bites as well until a doctor can be reached. I always keep some in my First Aid Kit!

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